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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is sex addiction a real thing or is that just a bunch of people who really, really like sex?

Michael Douglas....Charlie Sheen....Billy Bob Thorton.....David Duchovny...

The list is long of celebrities in the media who are said to be sex addicts. It always raises eyebrows and leads to many questions- "What is sex addiction?," "Is sex addiction even for real?," etc., etc.

The answer is yes. Do you or someone you know think about sex all the time, gets as much sex as he/she can, watches a lot of porn, masturbates on a daily basis? Sounds like a regular all-American guy, doesn't it? So, how is a sex addict defined? Although most "normal" horny male guys share many of the same attributes as an addict, there are some important differences. 

As many as 16 million man and women are sex addicts. They share the same list of behaviors:
  • compulsive masturbation
  • use of pornography
  • chronic sexual affairs
  • exhibitionism
  • soliciting prostitution
  • anonymous sex 
  • voyeurism
Whats worse is the list of potential losses and damages as a result from an individuals sex addiction:

  • loss of partner or spouse
  • loss of career
  • unwanted pregnancies/abortions
  • suicidal thoughts
  • exposure to HIV/AID's and other STD's
  • even bankruptcy
Sexual addiction shares many of the same compulsive elements as other addictions such as drugs, alcohol, and gambling and can be every bit as destructive. As with any other addiction, treatment involves therapy, a great support system, and can possibly take a lifetime commitment to be successful.

If you or someone you know has a sexual addiction and you want some more information on it, visit the website Sex Help created by noted psycologist and author, Dr. Patrick Carnes. 

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