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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

30 things women love that men just don't understand

Acorrding to The Frisky, these are the 30 things that women LOVE that men just don't understand! [they are in no particular order. at least i dont think they are....hmmm]

  1. drunk online shopping
  2. trapeze dresses [what are those even? - *note to self: google later*]
  3. having a good cry
  4. dark nail polish
  5. reality tv dating shows [never really got into these]
  6. brunch
  7. constantly changing one's Facebook status
  8. frozen yogurt [hell yeah!]
  9. gossiping- about people we know, don't know, or know through mags, TV, and movies
  10. cooing over adorable pictures of baby animals
  11. sexless cotton brief underwear
  12. the swiffer
  13. "Twilight" [not for me- haven't read it yet]
  14. music of Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Madonna
  15. musicals [oh yeah! grease, rent, mamma mia!...etc]
  16. short haircuts [actually my bf keeps begging me to cut my hair off but i love it long!]
  17. chuck bass [mother may i]
  18. shopping during a crisis
  19. multiple bed pillows [8 on mine]
  20. girly drinks
  21. $50 scented candles
  22. movies starrring and/or produced by Barrymore or Witherspoon [so very true]
  23. men who appear dirty and grimy, but are actually totally hot! 
  24. michael cera [no, not for me, sorry]
  25. miniatures
  26. astrology
  27. collecting magazines
  28. dancing
  29. jeans tucked into boots [bf actually thinks its hot- lucky me!]
  30. foreplay 
What do you think? Any others you'd like to add to the list? Comment below :)


MY said...

this is pretty accurate! I love it

kaity said...

Thank you :)